Kolaflavone, proven results

Fruit of a 5 years of research, the exclusive active ingredient Kolaflavone is a powerful anti-glycation compound (read: Glycation & skin and Kolaflavone, an exclusive active ingredient).
Attached to the scientific proof of the effectiveness of its active ingredient and organic products, SHIGETA realized for Kolafalone various tests to demonstrate its action at different levels of the skin.

By putting together sugar with collagen (essential protein of the skin responsible for its cohesion and firmness), in the presence or absence of Kolaflavone, we have been able to demonstrate its anti-glycation efficacy, 3 times greater than that of one of the most active anti-glycation reference molecule: aminoguanidine.

The extracellular matrix of the skin, a true support structure, is composed of many proteins (collagen, elastin etc). When these proteins are affected by glycation, the extracellular matrix no longer plays its role of support and the skin collapses, thus causing the appearance of wrinkes and fine lines.
When Kolaflavone is applied to the surface of the skin, the extracellular matrix is protected from glycation. It retains its structure, and continues to play its role of skin support.

Finally, when cosmetic products containing Kolaflavone are applied by volunteers during 1 month, different instruments allow to quantify a clear improvement of the skin: moisture level, firmness and elasticity, glowing, dark circles color and volume of bags under the eyes are significantly improved.
These measurable effects are also felt by volunteers who claim to have an immediately more radiant skin (90%) after application of products containing Kolaflavone. These women also find their skin smoother and more toned (80%), more radiant (70%), their eyes less tired and brighter (100%) with a fading of wrinkles and fine lines (96%).

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