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Organic with impact

Since its creation in 2010, SHIGETA laboratory combines nature and science to reinvent the standards of organic cosmetics: a healthy and natural cosmetic, enriched with traditional knowledge and latest scientific innovations for a visible result on the skin.
SHIGETA products combine the power of plants to the knowledge of its research and development experts. From ingredient sourcing to formula development, each key step of the development of a SHIGETA product is totally devoted to a unique objective: holistic beauty.

Holistic science for holistic beauty

By combining different facets of chemistry, SHIGETA developed the concept of holistic science in order to design effective and innovative organic cosmetic products. From research of patented exclusive active ingredients to formulation, holistic science mixes:
• Chemistry of natural substances to study and reveal nature’s powers
• Green synthesis to design and understand innovative active ingredients with respect to the environment
• Biology to explore and understand how the skin and active molecules works
• and formulation to create organic cosmetic products with precious textures to enhance the effectiveness of SHIGETA exclusive active ingredients.

SHIGETA laboratory combines the power of plants and patented exclusive research to conceive holistic beauty where outer beauty is as important as inner beauty.