Research and innovation

Since its creation in 2010, the SHIGETA laboratory has been resolutely focused on research and science in cosmetics in order to innovate and create natural and effective products. The two pillars of SHIGETA research are natural active ingredients and formulation.

SHIGETA research is carried out in collaboration with leading French research centers: the CNRS, and the SONAS laboratory. These partnerships aim to better understand the biological processes of the skin, including the glycation reaction, in order to develop proprietary active ingredients from natural products.
For this, the in-depth study of natural substances is essential. The aim of our research is not only to discover extracts of plants or microorganisms active on skin targets, but also to determine the chemical composition of these active extracts in order to understand how they act in the skin.
Another asset of our research is the knowledge and application of the principles of green chemistry, which make it possible to produce innovative technological active ingredients inspired by nature and respectful of the environment.
This understanding of both skin biology, plant chemistry and the principles of green chemistry have enabled us to develop two proprietary patented active ingredients over the past six years.

Finally, SHIGETA’s expertise in formulation is essential and allows the discoveries made by the research team to be valued. For each product, between 50 and 300 tests of formulas (for the most technical ones) are necessary to find the perfect combination between sensoriality, efficiency and pleasure.

SHIGETA : Holistic science for holistic beauty