Inner Care

SHIGETA advocates a holistic approach to beauty. For this purpose, the COACHING VITALITE® developed by CHICO SHIGETA is based on the synergy of 4 techniques. The adoption of a healthy and balanced diet is the 3rd pillar of this holistic SHIGETA beauty method.
According to the principle ” We are what we eat “, the inner well-being linked to a healthy diet will affect the beauty of the skin and hair, will allow a renewal of energy and vitality, and increased self-confidence.

Strengthening the inner balance requires a balanced and healthy diet. The method follows a number of simple general rules for selecting the right foods, choosing how they are cooked and how they are combined. The basis is to consume more fruits and vegetables, preferably raw, to vary seasoning oils, spices and aromatic plants, and to consume fermented, sprouted or dried foods.

The floral waters and herbal teas consumed will also strengthen the inner well-being provided by the diet by stimulating the body’s natural functions. They will facilitate the drainage of the body, detoxify it, provide energy or soothe depending on the plants from which they come.