Floral waters

Floral water, also called hydrolate, comes from the first litres of spring water used to distil aromatic plants. Floral waters contain aromatic compounds and various other molecules extracted from the plant during distillation. 100% pure and natural, the floral waters are filtered very finely in order to eliminate any microorganisms that may be present before being packaged, so no preservatives or other ingredients are added. At SHIGETA, the floral waters selected are from organic crops in order to guarantee maximum product quality.

Their uses

Floral waters contain far fewer aromatic molecules than essential oils. Their use is therefore facilitated, and they can be consumed in greater quantities.
Diluted in water, floral waters can be easily consumed, either for their benefits on physical well-being, or for their gustatory properties during a meal.
Hydrolates can also be used in the composition of cosmetic products, emulsions or lotions, to replace all or part of the water and thus provide particular properties both in terms of the effectiveness of the product and its smell.

Their benefits

Depending on the plants from which they are extracted, floral waters contain different molecules and will have different biological properties.

Juniper floral water is used for its purifying properties. Composed of different molecules such as alpha pinene, sabinene, terpinene-4-ol, or beta caryophyllene, juniper floral water is a liver stimulant and will therefore help the liver to function properly. It will also have a diuretic action that will promote the elimination of toxins, water retention and cellulite.

Chamomile floral water rich in isoamyl and isobutyl angelate, will have a soothing effect on the central nervous system. Used as a cure, chamomile floral water will help reduce stress and fatigue. On the skin, chamomile floral water will soothe irritations.

Rose floral water has interesting properties for the skin, in particular moisturizing and illuminating. Its aroma is also appreciated in cooking to flavour preparations.

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