Take care of hands and nails

Beautiful hands and nails can be incomparable assets of seduction. But they are constantly in demand at work or at home, and can easily dry out, become fragile and brittle. Well-selected natural ingredients can help to take care of it.

The nails


A healthy nail contains about 18% water and 5% fat, organized in a bi-laminar structure. As nails are very porous, their dehydration is easy, especially if the lipid composition is weakened.
Vegetable oils are composed of fatty acids that will nourish the nail, regenerate its protective lipid layer and protect it from dehydration. The oils will also nourish and moisturize the skin around the nail and cuticles, which often also suffer from dehydration.


Some natural products, such as resins or vegetable saps, have interesting physical properties to strengthen the nail. Indeed, vegetable resins undergo a polymerization phenomenon that solidifies them, which is interesting to physically strengthen the nails. This is the case with Pistacia lentiscus resin. But this sap also has biological properties that will strengthen the nail. The molecules extracted from the Pistacia lentiscus resin will increase the expression of keratins responsible for the hardness of the nail, and promote the formation of bridges between these fibers to bind them closely. Thus, the nail is thicker, and reinforced it is more resistant.


Essential oils contain many molecules with detoxifying and antimicrobial properties. Among them, lemon essential oil is particularly interesting to use on nails. Made of monoterpenes, it has biological properties that will help to cleanse nails and detoxify them to improve their appearance and transparency.


The actions of vegetable oils, active ingredients, and essential oils will be reinforced by the massage. By promoting the penetration of lipids and active ingredients into the skin and nails, it will accelerate their actions. The mechanical stimulation of the massage will also improve blood circulation, which will nourish the nail and promote its growth.

The hands

Even more than the rest of the body, hands are subjected to numerous washings, dryings and permanent solicitations throughout the day.
This is why the skin of the hands is very often dry and tight.
As for nails, vegetable oils and butters will help to reconstitute the inter-corneocyte cement and hydrolipidic film, to restore a good level of hydration and repair dry skin.

Massage, in addition to penetrating the fatty acids of the oils into the skin to strengthen the barrier function, will eliminate tension and increase blood circulation in the area, promoting stress relief and nail beauty.

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