Essential oils for digestion

After a heavy meal, or during a trip where eating habits are disrupted, digestion can be difficult, and transit disrupted. Digestive well-being is essential to the well-being of the rest of the body and mind. Essential oils can relieve the body by helping digestion and reducing discomfort in order to promote a return to a lighter body.

Mint essential oil

Menthol, the main component of mint essential oil, is appreciated for its immediate refreshing and antiemetic action. Menthol will also stimulate liver activity, while menthone will stimulate pancreatic activity. Thus, this essential oil will promote digestion while calming possible intestinal spasms thanks to menthyl acetate.

Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is detoxifying and digestive tonic thanks to the presence of monoterpenes. It also has a carminative action (promotes the expulsion of intestinal gases). By increasing mucus secretion in the stomach, lemon essential oil also helps to fight heartburn and acid reflux. Finally, it drains and limits water retention, which often causes sensations of heaviness in the abdomen.

Caraway essential oil

In the event of a meal that is too rich in fat, the essential oil of Caraway through the action of these lipolytic ketones will facilitate their dissolution and therefore their digestion. Its antiseptic action will also be beneficial in case of food poisoning.

Coriander essential oil

Antiseptic, Coriander essential oil is known as an effective digestive stimulant and promotes the expulsion of intestinal gases. It also has linalol with relaxing and analgesic properties that will help relieve stomach aches.

Synergistic effect of these essential oils

These essential oils used in synergy will help to promote digestion during a heavy meal by facilitating the dissolution of fats, or during exotic travels and meals thanks to its antiseptic activities. Other digestive discomforts are also relieved, such as intestinal spasms, heartburn or sensations of abdominal heaviness, thanks in particular to an analgesic action.

The right gestures to maximize the effect of synergy

This massage with light pressure will stimulate digestion and relieve bloating sensations. Clockwise circular movements will massage the intestines and promote transit. Thus the action of essential oils is maximized.

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