Essential oils and detox

Different symptoms may indicate liver weakness. The latter can no longer function normally, i.e. eliminate the waste and toxins that accumulate in the body. The symptoms experienced may vary: fatigue that has been developing for some time for no apparent reason, a feeling of swelling and heaviness that is felt, small pimples that appear on the face, the complexion becomes dull or bags under the eyes are formed. Essential oils can help stimulate liver function, allowing the body to get rid of toxins and excess stored water, and increase basal metabolism to regain dynamism and lightness.

Juniper essential oil

Rich in alpa-pinene and myrcene, juniper essential oil is a very good liver stimulant and helps the liver function properly. It also has a diuretic action that will help to eliminate water retention and cellulite.

Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils

Thanks to the presence of limonene, a molecule that easily penetrates the skin, the essential oils of lemon and grapefruit have a draining and purifying action. By facilitating the elimination of water retention and cellulite, these essential oils have a firming and energizing action.

Geranium essential oil

Geranium essential oil stimulates the liver and helps reduce appetite thanks to the presence of citronellol.

Eucalyptus globulus essential oilk

The presence of 1,8-cineol makes eucalyptus essential oil an excellent hepatic tonic and metabolic activator. This will reduce the feeling of bloating and heaviness.

Synergistic effects of these essential oils

The use of citrus essential oils such as lemon and grapefruit provides a good proportion of limonene, a molecule known to be an important factor in skin penetration. These oils have an interesting activity on the elimination of water retention and cellulite, and also allow molecules of interest contained in other essential oils of the synergy to penetrate. Thus the essential oils of juniper, geranium and eucalyptus will be able to act on liver function and activation of metabolism, in order to accelerate the elimination of toxins. The use of these essential oils in synergy will allow a global firming and toning action.

The right gestures to maximize the effect of synergy

The massage associated with the use of essential oils will detoxify the body by mechanically facilitating the drainage of water stored in the stomach and the elimination of toxins. The circular massage will facilitate digestion, and the oblique and vertical massages will both drain the tissues and massage the intestines thus improving transit. Regular massage via the application of pressure to drain will also promote the elimination of cellulite and allow you to have a deflated stomach, and a slimmer silhouette.

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