Energizing essential oils

At certain times, a frenetic lifestyle (stress, meetings, exams, short nights) can lead to an accumulation of fatigue and a disruption of our biological clock (late sleep, difficult awakening). The body’s energy level decreases, especially in the morning, and intellectual performance can therefore be affected as well as immune defenses. Essential oils are allies in fighting fatigue, stress and infection, and naturally boosting your energy.

Eucalyptus globulus essential oil

The refreshing scent of Eucalyptus has positive properties. Monoterpenes such as 1,8-cineol will stimulate the body’s blood flow, allowing better brain circulation and more effective activation of the immune system.

Origano essential oil

The carvacrol and thymol compounds contained in the essential oil of compact Oregano are very powerful antimicrobial molecules. Effective in eliminating bacteria, this essential oil is also immunostimulant. It is also recommended in case of exhaustion and general fatigue for its invigorating, stimulating and positive properties.

Ginger essential oil

Rich in zingiberene and other sesquiterpenes, ginger essential oil is known for its tonic, stimulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Its use is recommended in case of general fatigue.

Manuka essential oil

The manuka essential oil, rich in polyketones, is a powerful antiseptic. It is therefore interesting for fighting bacterial infections and purifying the air, and its immunostimulant properties help to strengthen the immune system.

Lavender essential oil

Thanks to its high concentration of linalyl acetate, the lavender essential oil has relaxing and anti-stress properties.

Synergistic effect of these essential oils

Used in synergies, the essential oils mentioned here will have a relaxing and anti-stress, tonic and stimulating activity, but also present antiseptic and anti-infectious. The synergistic use of these essential oils will boost energy as well as physical and intellectual performance as soon as you wake up, while strengthening the immune defenses that are often weakened in the event of fatigue and overwork.

The right gestures to maximize the effect of synergy

The mechanical stimulation of this energy point located under the soles of the feet by an energetic massage will strengthen the energy boosting effect of essential oils.

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